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Trust Pharmacy: History, Benefits and Our Products

Welcome to Trust pharmacy that links you to leading online services, allowing you to buy prescription and non-prescription medicines economically and confidentially.

$0.34 per tablet

Generic Viagra is used as the first-line defense against the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, removing the symptoms for the period of 4 hours.

$1.02 per tablet

Generic Cialis is a long-acting potency pill that brings back the ability to achieve erections, maintain them for as long as it is needed for you to have a satisfactory sexual act.

$1.01 per tablet

Generic Levitra is an oral medicine that restores the lost ability to achieve firm and lasting erections and effective in men with ED caused by diabetes.

$0.55 per tablet

Generic Propecia is used to stop and help prevent the hair loss according to male pattern (alopecia), promoting partial hair regrowth.

Our store functions thanks to the streamlined and rewarding system that brings together client services of local pharmacy and digital one. With us, you can improve your life quality as you buy pharmacy drugs on our website. At our pharmacy, you can find:

  • Complete confidentiality
  • Inexpensive medications
  • Measurable quality of healthcare items
  • Bonus pills for every customer
  • Free shipping and insurance
  • Wide assortment of men’s health solutions
  • Order from wherever you are
  • Quick delivery right to your home
  • Worldwide shipping that can be relied on

Our packages arrive to Canada destinations 1-2 days after placing the order. They are unmarked and protect your privacy, with only address and name indicated. You can order from us from outside the country, regardless if you are in the US or anywhere else. Delivery is guaranteed in an effective and reliable way, 4 to 21 days following the purchase, and at a minimal fee.

Confirmed quality products: generics and original pills

Our impressively assorted selection of medications meets the quality standards that you are used to seeing in physical pharmacies. However, here we offer a broader range that includes versions of formulas for your wellbeing, from prescription drugs to over-the-counter medicines to hygiene and personal care items.

Large and carefully selected range that meets the same breadth and quality that you find at the physical pharmacies. With us you will find everything for your health, your body and your well-being. That means full range of over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, as well as plenty of branded skin care, personal care and nursing products.

Our range includes high quality men’s health solutions like those managing sexual dysfunctions: Viagra, Cialis, Priligy and other drugs in their class. Since they are not coverable by insurance and have a high cost in local pharmacies, it is challenging to get this treatment. We do not regard sexual health as a luxury; our mission is to make these medications readily available for people across economical strata, offering low-cost, high-quality analogs.

Other than this category, there are 23 others: antibiotics, drugs against inflammations, viruses, GIT medications, cardiac health solutions, dental and eye care, antihypertensive and anti-cholesterol drugs, as well as numerous others.

Trust Pharmacy from beginning to nowadays

Our pharmacy was started in 2006, founded by Hadsten Pharmacist Lars Persson and based on his idea about a full-cycle service online pharmacy where everything is under a user’s fingertips. Teaming up with his trusted colleagues, decorated pharmacists, he launched the beta version of Global Trust Pharmacy. That was our first online store that was based on a small pharmacy in Ohio run as a family business since 1998. This goes to show that we have profound experience in operating a pharmaceutical business. The people on our team have years of working as clinical pharmacists or other fields of the pharmaceutical industry.

The e-store customer is evolving, and so has been our enterprise. During the years of catering to the needs of customers in this country and in the US, we managed to grow to the size of the biggest and best-equipped online pharmacy.

Our pharmacy is upgraded in real time, always one step ahead of trends and anticipating the changes in e-commerce demands. As our clientele base grows, so does our staff – there is always a room for new talents of various background, but consistent proficiency. We also pay a lot of attention to team-building activities to ensure a smooth running of the services, this is why our work environment reflects our core values that formed back in the day when we were a small family business. You can be a part of our culture if you follow us on Facebook – we also offer great materials that enrich your customer experience!

Pharmacy-trained staff ready to advise and help you

Trust pharmacy with SCiStar has built its reputation as one of the best-functioning platforms networking in the US and bringing low-cost healthcare solutions. We operate strictly online, which is an indispensible part of our economical price formation, as well as confidentiality and safety standards that comply with the current legislation and have an edge over any physical pharmacy.

Our hiring philosophy is aimed at sifting through the appliers and choosing highly motivated people who are focused on helping people from around the world to find the products they need at the price they can afford. Together, we offer a clockwork service that helps you get the right treatment with minimal efforts, but maximal safety and privacy.

Our team is built up by: pharmacists (17 employees), pharmacy supervisors (4 employees), pharmacy technicians (4 employees), and 15 specialists in supply, dispatching, customer support and IT. Together, we are forty professionals, many of whom have been here from the day one when we opened the doors of our first store more than twenty years ago. The atmosphere of appreciation for every individual working in our office is what helps us sustain a streamlined workflow and create the best possible experience to our customers. This is exactly what gives our visitors the feeling that their needs are attended to by actual people when they are shopping with us.

In 2020, we received more than a hundred applications from students who wanted to spend their internship months at our company. We wished we could take everyone who expressed interest! Offering great intern experiences is rewarding for both sides, and we take on 10 students every summer to make the most of it.

Standards and compliance at our drugstore

According to the current law requirements for the US pharmacies to guarantee the transparency of how the sensitive user information is handled, as well as make the information about the products we offer public. Our company complies with both requirements.

We keep the track of our goals in customer services, and consistently measure the results to ensure that these goals are achieved. If you are interested in this information, you can reach out to us to see the reports.

TP compliance with the norms and requirements are regularly checked by the regulatory bodies in the country, ensuring the implementation of the standards and its meeting the existing legislation.

Below, we are listing the goals that we are steering towards as well as our current process in reaching them – the information concerns the measurements on waiting time, consulting and informativity of the resource.

Assessment Parameter Assessment Results
Waiting time


Being an online pharmacy takes away the pressure from the waiting time, since it does not apply outside our optimal response times.

In relation to prescription dispatch error, the maximum is set at 0.03% as compared to the general number of prescriptions.

Service Grade


In its status of a digital store, Trust Pharmacy has the 99% success in delivery rates on prescription drugs.
Professional advice and information


We are particularly invested in providing the most accurate and up-to-date information on products, conditions and medicine.
Customer satisfaction survey


Our pharmacy profile on Trustpilot is one of the most important ways for us to monitor the customer satisfaction. We encourage our clients to leave feedback so that we can grow and improve steadily. We are dedicated to take your all concerns into consideration and address them in our future work and planning for the upgrade of our e-pharmacy and its services.
Latency measurement


Since we are operating only online, the latency time applied are the time required for processing of orders and for the response of our customer support representatives to reply to queries, which gives us an advantage compared to physical pharmacies.
Dispensing Practice


The delivery of our products depends on availability of items, but the diversity of prescription drug forms allows us to let customers choose from a long list of substitute and analogs, which often means that the drug costs cheaper than the one that your doctor indicated in the prescription; however, it is still the same formula. This principle is called generic substitution for prescribed drugs. On TP website, you can choose among multiple cheaper generics. Delivery options available on our website are described on pages that contain product information; the delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method.
Performance Report 2019
Service Grade Goal 99%. Measured week 18 2019 99.8%
Professional advice and information Objectives: at least 85%. Measured week 15 2018 87.7%
Error delivery by prescription dispatch Goal: Maximum 0.03% in relation to number of prescriptions. Measured 0.02% (April 2019 – April 2020)

We rely on the customer web order history to establish whether a follow-up information input is required, which includes the information about product. Our primary method of communication with customers is via email, and in phone when necessary and in case the consent was expressed by the client. The information published on Trust Pharmacy website highlights that customers can call in case of question or need for professional advice.

The minimum of 85% of respondents contacted via either email or phone are prompted to seek professional answers to questions about treatment and correct drug use, for prescription and over-the-counter medicines alike.

We enclose materials on dose-dispensed medications for customers who order products in this category. Our error margin with dose-dispensed drugs is 2 errors per annum.

Have questions? Get in touch with us!

In case of any queries, or if you have ideas on how we can step up or service, you are very welcome to contact us with questions suggestions. We are always there to listen and assist. Reach out to us any time of day or night, we answer within a few working hours and never keep you waiting for too long. It is a pleasure to us to improve your health and life quality!