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Trust Pharmacy: goals, benefits and expertise

We are discount drugs platform for the online pharmacies, where you can easily, quickly and safely buy prescription and over-the-counter medicines and other pharmacy-related products.

$0.34 per tablet

Generic Viagra is an erectogenic drug that restores sexual capacity for 4 hours, improving stamina and erectile hardness.

$1.02 per tablet

Generic Cialis is an oral drug of instant action that restores the ability to perform sexually for 36 hours, at the same time increasing stamina levels.

$1.01 per tablet

Generic Levitra is a potent but mild-acting erectogenic drug removing the symptoms of impotence; ideal in diabetes.

$0.55 per tablet

Generic Propecia is an oral drug used to prevent hair loss according to male pattern; Propecia helps keep the hair healthy and thick.

At our drugstore, we strive to bring you all the benefits you can experience at your local pharmacy, embed them in our service and make life a little easier for you when you need to buy pharmacy products. With us you experience:

  • Full discretion
  • Lowest cost of medications
  • Confirmed quality of healthcare products
  • Bonus pills with every order
  • Shipping deals and insurance
  • Best choice of drugs in the category of Men’s Health
  • You can stay at home surfing on your PC, tablet or phone and order exactly the items you need
  • Fast domestic delivery
  • Reliable and swift international shipping

Global Trust Pharmacy deliver to all of Canada within 1-2 business days. Your items are delivered discreetly in a neutral package, to the exact address or package you want. We deliver pills to other countries as well, both to our closest neighbor US and other corners of the world. We guarantee delivery to wherever you are within the minimal time frame (4-21 days) and at the minimal cost.

Our products: vetted quality generics and brand pills

Large and carefully selected range that meets the same breadth and quality that you find at the physical pharmacies. With us you will find everything for your health, your body and your well-being. That means full range of over-the-counter medicines and prescription drugs, as well as plenty of branded skin care, personal care and nursing products.

Our attention is dedicated to the legendary drugs that changed the approach to managing men’s health. We are now talking about drugs for sexual dysfunctions like Viagra, Cialis and Priligy, but we have so many other medications on our formulary, both original and their much less costly analogs of elite quality. This class of drugs is not covered by insurance, as a rule, and the cost of every item on this list is sky-high at your local pharmacy, since they are not considered to be the first necessity. We could argue that – every health aspect matters. At our pharmacy, the balance is restored and everyone has access to low-cost, high-quality pills for restoring sexual health.

Apart from that, there are multiple other items you can find under more than 23 categories: antibiotics, anti-inflammatory solutions, antiviral drugs, pills for GIT, heart, dental and eye health, medications to fight high cholesterol and low pressure – you name it.

Trust Pharmacy through the years

Our pharmacy was launched in January 2003 based on Hadsten Pharmacist Lars Persson’s idea that a user-friendly, dynamic and professional online pharmacy should be created. Together with the group of enthusiast pharmacists, the first version of World Trust Pharmacy was created. Prior to that, pharmacy had operated in Ohio as a small local family pharmacy business since 1998; as you can see, our drugstore has a long background in the pharmaceutical industry. Most of our managerial stuff had been working as a clinical pharmacist as well as several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the years that have passed, our e-store has been continuously adapted and optimized according to customer needs. We have managed to create Canada’s largest and most well-functioning online pharmacy.

Our pharmacy is constantly changing to meet customer needs and we aim to have a webshop that, based on industry’s professionalism and security, reflects the latest trends in e-commerce. This means that we continue to grow, often hire new employees and have a busy day, but humor and joy are a regular part of our work day. It should preferably be fun to go to work here – and we believe that you can feel the honest work we do for our customers. Follow us on Facebook, where we share articles, news and big and small things from everyday life at Trust Pharmacy.

Pharmacy-trained staff ready to advise and help you

World Famous Pharmacy is the sales platform for the world’s most widely recognized network of Canadian Pharmacy with signature affordable quality care. The pharmacy sells medicines and may only sell these through online sales. The pharmacy follows the same safety, discretion and confidentiality laws and regulations as your local physical pharmacy.

We hire people who believe in what they do: finding tested high quality products for healthcare at the minimal price, and helping customers from different countries find solutions that work the best for their wellbeing and budget. All of us are highly motivated to bring you the best customer service, and we have internal system of compliance with our high standards of care quality.

Number of employees: 17 pharmacists, 4 pharmacy supervisor, 4 pharmacy technicians, and 15 other employees (supply and dispatch managers, customer suppor representatives, IT personnel). pharmacy currently employs over 40 employees, and the first employee is still here with us, taking the phone calls and smiling as she coordinates the office work. Our dedicated team of employees is at the heart of our business and is what, in our eyes, makes us a little more than a digital store, and a whole deal more personal experience – with all due confidentiality. It is important for us to keep in mind that TP is more than an online shop. It is first and foremost a pharmacy and we are first and foremost a pharmacy staff. Our pharmacists and other employees have their professional ballast in order.

We also regularly get many inquiries from pharmacist students who would like to have their internship. We always are interested in supporting student programs, for resource reasons, however, we have to limit the number to a few pieces a year.

Service objectives & compliance at our drugstore

It is a legal requirement for Canadian pharmacies to set up service targets and publish compliance. At our pharmacy we are constantly working to increase the quality of our handling and information about medicines.

In this connection, we set a number of service goals that we want to meet. To document that our drugstore adheres to these quality goals, we regularly measure the quality of the individual areas on a regular basis. We make the results of these measurements available to those of our customers who may be interested in this.

TP receives occasional inspection visits from the Danish Medicines Agency, which checks that the pharmacy performs its duties, in accordance with current legislation, and lives up to announced service objectives.

Below you will find information about service objectives for waiting time, professional advice & information. Below you can see the latest results of measurements for our online pharmacy service.

Assessment Parameter Assessment Results
Waiting time


Since we are an online pharmacy, there is no waiting time as at a physical pharmacy and therefore no waiting time is measured as at a physical pharmacy.

Targets for error delivery by prescription dispatch: maximum 0.03% in relation to number of prescriptions.

Service Grade


In e-commerce, Trust Pharmacy can deliver in 99 cases out of 100 the requested pharmacy-only or prescription drug.
Professional advice and information


We strive to provide our clients with the necessary information and guidance on medicine. The primary customers of our online customers.
Customer satisfaction survey


Our pharmacy continuously uses Trustpilot for customer satisfaction surveys. You are also welcome to share your experience with us on the pages of our website or by sending us a message through the customer support service. Our customer care staff members are going to take all of your suggestions and complaints into consideration, process them and use in order to improve the general experiences of using our e-pharmacy and related services.
Latency measurement


Customers at our pharmacy are exclusively online customers. You can shop on the website any day of the year round the clock. Waiting time measurement as at a physical pharmacy is therefore not relevant.
Dispensing Practice


Delivery practices are about whether we substitute for a prescription drug other than what is on the prescription. Substitution means we deliver a different and cheaper drug than what the doctor has written in the prescription. The drugs have the same active substance. At Canadian Pharmacy, the customer chooses whether to substitute their prescribed drugs for analogous generics and for what generics they would like to substitute their brand pills. Delivery practices therefore primarily reflect the customers’ own choice. The latest inventory of TP delivery practices can be found on the Products page of our website.
Performance Report 2019
Service Grade Goal 99%. Measured week 18 2019 99.8%
Professional advice and information Objectives: at least 85%. Measured week 15 2018 87.7%
Error delivery by prescription dispatch Goal: Maximum 0.03% in relation to number of prescriptions. Measured 0.02% (April 2018 – April 2019)

Based on the content of each web order, a professional assessment is always made as to whether a customer needs further advice and information. Customers are primarily contacted by mail, but can also be contacted by telephone if it is deemed necessary. It is stated on the website and on leaflets from Trust Pharmacy that customers can email or call for further professional advice.

At least 85% of customers who contact by mail, phone and chat are invited to a dialogue about their drug treatment. This applies both to prescriptions, over-the-counter and dose-dispensed medicines.

All our customers who receive dose-dispensed medicines are offered partly a copy of the dosing card and a copy of the leaflet for the drugs in question.  A maximum of 2 error deliveries per year are accepted. dose-dispensed drugs.

Questions? Contact our staff!

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvements or items that you miss on the site, we would love to hear from you. Our pharmacy trained staff is ready to advise. We hope you will not think twice before contacting us with any questions or suggestion you might have in the capacity of our customer or a guest visitor. We cannot wait to help you live your healthiest life!