Shipping and Delivery Policy

We know that shipping terms are the detail, to which customers always pay special attention, when choosing an online pharmacy. That is why we strive to offer the most favorable terms on the market. Placing an order on the Trust pharmacy, you can count on receiving it on time and in perfect condition. As for our shipping fees, they will appeal to you as well.

Available Shipping Options

You can choose between 2 variants ― regular airmail and courier delivery. Let us discuss them in detail:

  1. Regular airmail (not available now). First of all, it is much cheaper ― around $10. The final price depends on the destination. Also, if the sum of your order is $200 or more, you will be provided with this service for free. As for other advantages, such delivery is available in all the countries, to which we send our goods (please, before placing an order for the first time, make sure that we can ship to your country). The main disadvantage of this option ― it is slow. Shipping can take up to 21 days. So, you will need to plan and place your orders far in advance. Besides, if you select regular airmail shipping, you will not have an opportunity to track your package.
  2. Courier delivery. It is much faster. You will receive your package within 14 days. And that is the maximum term. You can even order overnight delivery services for an additional fee. As for other benefits, you will get an opportunity to choose the time, when a package will arrive. In addition, you will be provided with tracking services. Speaking about the price, it costs about $30.

Shipping Insurance

It is well-known that, in the case of international shipping, there is a serious risk that a parcel will get lost. The key reason ― there are several postal services involved in the process.

We are well aware of this risk, that is why we offer shipping insurance. Due to this service, our clients can avoid excessive stress and expenses. In case a package gets lost or damaged on its way to your home, you will be offered two solutions to choose from ― resending an order without any extra charges or returning your money.

This useful service costs only $5. More to the point, if the sum of your order is $200 and more, you will be offered to take advantage of it for free.

Packaging Issues

When it comes to packaging, we focus on its safeness in the first place. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your parcel is delivered in its entirety and good condition. Also, we will take care of your privacy. When you receive an order, you will see that it looks like a usual letter, so there is no risk that it will attract the attention of your neighbors or postman. Certainly, we will not indicate any information about the products bought on the envelope.

Returning Orders

You have the right to return the goods purchased in the following cases:

  1. There are quality problems.
  2. There are no visible quality problems, but you do not need the products received anymore. If you have not used or opened them, we will accept the return. The original packaging should be preserved. Keep in mind that there are certain limitations on which goods can be legally returned.

Returning is available within 14 days after the date of delivery.

If you want to return some products, please, get in touch with our pharmacist in the first place. Do not send any items back without discussing that with our specialist.