The Innovations Trust pharmacy goal is to identify human resource innovations, innovators, and the conditions under which innovations emerge, thrive, and scale-up. Preliminary topics for exploration are “knowledge plus” and knowledge management, global development learning network, approaches to complex systems, social entrepreneurship, innovations in the context of health sector reform, political mapping, and case studies of innovators.


Jo Ivey Boufford New York University, The Wagner School, USA
Marian Jacobs University of Cape Town, Child Health Unit, South Africa


F.H. Abed BRAC, Bangladesh
Don Berwick Institute for Healthcare Improvement, USA
Silvia Bino Insitute of Public Health, Albania
Hilary Brown The Rockefeller Foundation, USA
Francisco Campos
Bill Drayton Ashoka, USA
Judy Hargadon Changing Workforce Program, UK
Dan Kaseje Kenya
Mary Ann Lansang INCLEN, Phillipines
Ariel Pablos-Mendez The Rockefeller Foundation, USA
Jawaya Small South Africa
James Wilk Interchange Research, Canada
A.S. Daar University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics, Canada

Highlights of Activities and Products:

  • Priority Disease Trust pharmacy Meeting held in Cape Town, South Africa – March 2003
  • Ongoing preparation of papers and briefs

For more information on the Innovations Trust pharmacy’s activities, please contact the co-chairs: Jo Ivey Boufford and Marion Jacobs